<strong>GST-II Hob Hydrogel ( Babu plaster ) Coating/Cutting Machine<strong>

GST-II Hob Hydrogel ( Babu plaster ) Coating/Cutting Machine

Usage: Used for all non-woven fabric coating, which can produce fever gel patch , Babu plaster mosquito patch, pain release patch, eye patch, hydrogel patch, slimming patch.
2. Photoelectric tracking and automatic feeding.
3. Substrate materials unwind - double roller coating - carved forming - pneumatic horizontal cut - hob vertical cut - finished products delivery.
4. Outer shell adopts 304 stainless steel, accord do the medical and sanitation facilities.
Main Technical Parameter:
Type GST -II
Coating thickness 0.5-5.0mm
Effective coating width 450mm
Production speed 0 ~ 400pcs/min (based on 50×120mm)
Total power 5.0KW
Size 2850×1150×1800mm(without conveyor)
Weight 1500kg

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